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Okie Print Barn offers years of experience and success when it comes to completing screen print projects like yours. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians combined with our inhouse art department make us the best choice for quality, value, and dependability.


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Getting the right screen printed product for your event or organization, be it a tee, other apparel or even swag can be an intimidating process. There are so many options from manufacturers, with ever expanding product lines, materials, colors and even printing techniques. 

Let us be your guide! We will be happy to help you find that exact right quality and price, guide you though colors and quantities, and give you our recommendation for the end results that will make your event a success and make your organization shine. 

Our Printing Process

  • 1

    Success starts with understanding your need. Once we clearly define exactly what the successful outcomes mean for you, we can guide you through the process from artwork to finished product.
  • 2

    Quality artwork is essential. We take in customer provided content and size it for the location it will be printed based upon standard layout sizes for certain areas.
  • 3

    Artwork then is converted (separated) into individual screens.
  • 4

    Once screens are made the printing begins and each garment is printed using manual screen printing and then cured with heat to set in the print.
  • 5

    Once the printing is complete all orders are separated into sizes and colors and carefully folded into boxes to await your pick up.

On a

Okie Print Barn has spent years honing our technique, building our team, and gathering the best equipment in order to give you the best possible solution and timely service. 

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No Project too big, or too small.

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